Expedition Overview

Hari standing in prostheses.jpeg


He has always wanted to climb it.  As a child, he didn't have the money.  As a member of the elite British Gurkha Rifles, he never had the time.  With the loss of his legs Hari feels the time is right.  Yeah.  That's Hari.

Nepal Bans Amputees from Climbing Mt. Everest

In January 2018, the Government of Nepal enacted a ban on people with amputations climbing the mountain.  It has been in response to the increasing number of injuries and fatalities suffered each year on Mt. Everest.  That new rule has forced the expedition to extend our climbing schedule one year to April 2019.  During that time we expect to earn a special dispensation for Hari to make the climb.

The Government has considered a requirement that people attempting to climb Mt. Everest first succeed climbing other peaks that exceed 6,000 meters (19,700 feet).  Hari has already accomplished that in preparation for his attempt.         

Has summited Mt. Blanc in France and Mera Peak her in Nepal this year.  He will be climbing continuously over the next year to better prepare for Mt. Everest.  We hope you'll continue to follow our efforts.  Check in with us on Facebook.  

If you can, please contribute a few dollars to help us attempt to put Hari on top of the world.  It will be an inspiration not only to people with amputations, but for everyone with a plan to Conquer Dreams.