For Veterans and their Supporters

We are Veterans

We have served some of the most demanding organizations in the world.  We excelled in training that people outside the services will never experience. We have thrived in situations people outside the can’t imagine.  Today, much of our time is spent supporting organizations that support vets.  We understand what you have been though.  We know what it took.

You are on this climb with us. 

We are climbing Mt. Everest together to celebrate what we have achieved.  To honor what we have lost.  And to prove that we are better men and women for having done it.

This section has been designed for you to join us. Write us a note.  Share your story.  Support the climb.  Follow our progress.  Inspire us as we work to put Hari, just another vet who left part of himself in Afghanistan, up on the highest pedestal on earth. 

Be part of it.  We’re doing this for you.

         Hari and The Royal Gurkha rifles         




Hari and The Royal Gurkha rifles





Hari had been serving in the Royal Gurkha Rifles since he was 20 years old.  It was his career.  The only job he’d really known.  Hari excelled in his training.  He earned Best Student recognition. He graduated the Assault Pioneer Platoon Sergeant Course with distinction.  He qualified as an Infantry Platoon Sergeant (PSBC), which is the most challenging course in the infantry.  Hari went on to become an instructor in both Assault Pioneer and Infantry.   He was a versatile Junior Non-Commissioned Officer with a very bright future in the British Army.

While in the service, Hari served in UK, Kenya, Brunei, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Bosnia, Kosovo, Germany and Afghanistan.

He was in Afghanistan, on patrol in 2010 as the multiple 2IC to Platoon Sergeant.  He was 31.   As Hari describes it, something went bang.  It was an IED.  Hari’s life instantly transformed.  He lost both legs above the knee.  Those of us that are familiar with amputations know there is a world of difference between a below knee and an above knee amputation.  Without the knee, people with amputations have a far more difficult time restoring a smooth gait and avoiding the very commonplace joint deterioration of the hip and lower back.  Hari’s first words to his Sergeant after the explosion were to apologize.  He looked at the Sergeant and said, “I’m sorry, Sir.”

 Four years later, he was discharged from the Army at the rank of Corporal, due to the injury.  He was 35.

Since leaving the military, Hari has participated in a tremendous number or events and challenges to support causes that raise awareness and funds for veterans.              

Hari and other Veterans with amputations retrace WW2 Cockleshell Heroes journey video

Christopher, United States Marine, Captain

Krishna, Royal Gurkha Rifles, Heersbergfuhrer Military Mountain Guide

Mingma, Extreme Altitude Sherpa Rescue Team

Krishna’s Special Forces career continued for more than 17 years.  He has been trained in Wilderness Survival and qualified as a Heersbergfuhrer Military Mountain Guide.  Similar to the U.S. Army Mountain Warfare School, the Heersbergfuhrer Military Mountain training and leadership program is considered by far the best and most demanding military mountain school in the world.

During his deployment, Christopher took his R&R in East Africa and used that time to summit Mt Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa.  The sense of accomplishment he felt remained with him, inspiring his work at Myrmidon.

Christopher has formed teams of veterans for expeditions in Africa, Asia, Europe and the U.S.  Likewise Krishna and Mingma have led groups on high altitude skiing adventures throughout the Himalayas.  Both organizations recognize their efforts provide leadership training and skills; build confidence but perhaps most importantly for some of the vets, they providing healing. 

In 2016 they led a team of all veterans from Normandy Beach, across France to the summit of Mont Blanc.  They finished the expedition on the Mediterranean, in honor of the WWII D-Day veterans.  Christopher says it was one of the most inspirational expeditions they’ve led.

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As a retired Gurkha Officer Brigadier General Rigden Chaired the 2015 and 2017 Gurkha Everest Expeditions. This year, 2017, his expedition summited 9 Gurkhas and 4 British personnel.  One of those climbers has joined Hari's team.