The Conquering Dreams Team Announces Mont Blanc as First Training Climb

It is difficult to plan an undertaking as big as climbing Mt. Everest.  It takes quite a bit of preparation.  The Team is going to rely on each other in a very dangerous environment, on very dangerous ground, at the highest altitudes on the planet.  The only way to know each other is to climb together.  We are confident in our skills.  Everyone on the team has served their country in the military.  Each of us has been involved in Special Forces or the U.S. Marines.  We know how to prepare ourselves for challenges.    

But this challenge is extreme.  We’re going to accompany Hari, who lost both of his legs, above the knee, while serving as with the Royal Gurkha Rifles in Afghanistan.  Hari will be the first person with bi-lateral, above knee amputations to even attempt Mt. Everest.

Our first training climb is scheduled.  This summer, July 1st – 8th, we will climb Mont Blanc in the Graian Alps.  Mont Blanc is often listed as one of the Seven Summits, which are the highest peaks on each of the seven continents.  It is the tallest mountain in Europe, and also has the highest fatality rate. 

Hari will be there of course.  So will Dustin and Christopher.  Krish was scheduled to climb K2 in July, but he is changing his plans to join us.  Mingma will be there if he can get a visa. 

Christopher, Hari, Krish and Dustin

Christopher, Hari, Krish and Dustin

It will be nice having Krish with us.  He is the founder of Himalayan Ski Trek.  Krish makes his living doing adventure travel throughout the Himalayans.  While serving in the Special Forces, Krish as trained in Wilderness Survival and as a Mountaineering Lead.  Today, he is a Heersbergfuhrer Military Mountain Guide, which is pretty much recognized around the world to be as good as you can get.  You can see why we want him not only on the team, but at our first Training on Mont Blanc.  Krish has already summited Mont Blanc four times.

We’ve all decided that to kickoff this climb, we should all meet in Chamonix, France, along with our families.  We’ll have a few days to get to know each other and connect with the people we love.  Knowing each other’s family certainly strengthens the commitment on the mountains to watch out for each other.

The training is all about trying out specific military gear to see how it works for us or how we can adapt it to work better.  Mont Blanc will be glaciated alpine specific training.  This means beginning to work as a team using ropes on ice. 

On a mountain, each Team member will have a role.  We need to see who best fits each role.  But also, once on a mountain, roles can quickly change. So this time spent together will help us get a complete picture of each other, our needs and requirements and any changes we will need to make for our next climb, which will be Mont Elbrus in Russia.


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