We're Going to Climb Mt. Everest.  Come Join Us!

This climb is about Hari.  But like all things with Hari, it has become about the three of us that will climb with him.

For that same reason, this climb will soon be about you, too.

Hari will be the first above knee, double amputee to summit Mt. Everest.

For now, Hari is simply the first double AK to even try to summit the mountain.

In making the attempt, Hari will carry all amputees with him.  He will carry all so-called disabled people with him as well.  And their families, loved ones, friends and care takers. 

This unlikely climb will be for all of us.  For anyone who has tried something they didn’t know they could do.                                         Faced a fear.  Built a dream.  Volunteered. 

We’re going to climb Mt. Everest.  Come join us.